Il Vecchio Carro a Caronia


Surrounded by the gentle slopes of the Nebrodi Park hills on one side and the turquoise sea on the other, Il Vecchio Carro in Caronia offers, with its ideal location, a pleasant stay immersed in the peace of the Sicilian countryside. The restaurant of the farm allows you to taste the dishes of a family tradition handed down from generation to generation, including dishes prepared with the meat of Nebrodi black pig, reared in the same farm, or the homemade macaroni according to an ancient Sicilian recipe. The Nebrodi National Park is the largest protected area of Sicily, characterized by the gentle rugged mountain interspersed with harsh shapes, almost Dolomites, where predominant are the limestone rocks. The park is rich in a varied vegetation and numerous lakes and rivers, which make unique the landscape of a rare beauty. Among the native species of this area there is the Nebrodi black pig, famous for its tender and tasty meat. The Il Vecchio Carro is set among these valleys, surrounded by the countryside of the park. There are working with passion ten people, eight in the farmhouse and two in the farm, according to a family tradition handed down from generation to generation. At the farm is reared the Black pig according to an ancient heritage of knowledge handed down from father to son, and later, the selected meat is processed and cooked directly in the farm, constituting those products such as Porchetta, ham, salami, that make the farm renowned throughout the region. In addition to the Black pig meat at the farm are also cultivated local products such as olive oil, fruits and vegetables that compose the exquisite dishes of the farm's restaurant. The Farmhouse Il Vecchio Carro in Caronia not only offers the opportunity to taste the dishes cooked with traditional recipes and products at zero kilometres, but also to stay at its original structure to enjoy a holiday of peace and tranquility, immersed in the natural beauty of the Nebrodi park. The stone farmhouse, that soon will be expanded, can accommodate visitors in a setting that combines elegance with simplicity. Visitors can not only enjoy delicious food at the farm's restaurant, but venturing into the national park following expert guides, who has been working with the company for years, both on foot and on horseback. The farm is also close to touristic and naturalistic points of interest, in particular it is just a half-hour from the golden beaches of Cefalu, one hour from the picturesque town of Taormina and an hour and a half from the slopes of Etna. The Farmhouse Il Vecchio Carro combines the passion for fragrances and flavors of Sicily, the result of tradition, with the beauty of the uncontaminated nature that surrounds it.