A ceremoies location
in Caronia

Living a special day together with the good taste

Fulfill the dream of the fateful "Yes" surrounded by the frame of the beautiful countryside of the Nebrodi Park, immersed in an environment that embodies a blend of elegance and rural simplicity. This is possible at the farm Il Vecchio Carro, which is the perfect location for ceremonies in Caronia for all those who want to celebrate a special day combining the good food and a lovely scenery. The farm Il Vecchio Carro offers its guests special menu designed specifically to celebrate important days, created by the chef with the greatest attention to the taste and quality.

The Ceremony menu can include:

House starters

  • Raw ham of Black pig
  • Black pig capocollo
  • Black pig salami
  • Candy of Nebrodi provola cheese
  • Aged cheese
  • Mixed grill of vegetables
  • Meatballs of Black pig in duck sauce
  • Flan with Porcini mushrooms with mixed vegetables
  • Mixed fried
  • Caponata
  • Olives
  • Aubergines baked with Parmesan cheese
  • Typical dishes (tripe, pig's livers)

Tastes of first courses

  • Crepe with meat sauce of Negrodi Black Pig
  • Ravioli with Brönte pistachios
  • Maccheroni with negrodi Black pig' meat sauce

Taste of main courses

  • Porchetta (roasted pig) cooked in the wood oven
  • Rolls of meat
  • Veal steak with balsamic vinegar
  • Grilled spare ribs of Nebrodi Blach pig with pistachios

Side dishes

  • Baked potatoes
  • Mixed salad


  • Seasonal fruit composition


  • Homemade desserts

All abundantly accompanied by local wines, soft drinks, coffee and bitter.

The location for ceremonies at the farm Caronia Il Vecchio Carro is the perfect place to enjoy a special banquet for an event or an important anniversary, such as weddings, baptisms and anniversaries. Surrounded by the gentle hills of the Nebrodi regional park countryside, enjoying the scenery offered by the ancient olive trees that surrounds the restaurant and the view of the blue sea, the farm will offer its guests the taste and flavor of a land full of life.