Porchetta of black pig in Caronia


At the farm the husband of the owner, Giuseppe Oriti, deals with the rearing of this typical species of Nebrodi with methods transmitted from father to son. The rearing of Blacks pigs at the Il Vecchio Carro is semi-wild, in order to allow the animals to enjoy the countryside surrounding the farm and their diet consists of feed from the local market and carefully selected to ensure the best animal's grown. 

Being a biologically highly variable race, the company deals with the task of selecting the samples that retain the pure characteristics of the species, preserving the original genetic. The Black pig of Nebrodi is indeed a race with ancient origins, dating back to VII-VI centuries b.C. Over the centuries this species evolved thanks to the territory that hosted it, developing morphological characteristics such as very elongated head and tall legs which are suited to the harshness of the best Sicilian pastures. 

The Sicilian Black pig is a race officially recognized today, with a Population Register in order to protect its development. It is a species particularly fertile and with a long life and a medium-small size, reared for its tender and tasty meat. To realize the Porchetta that made famous Il Vecchio Carro, the company's staff selects the pigs with a weight ranging from 8 to 20 kg. 

The taste of the meat is enhanced by master butchers through a smoothing process with the Sicilian sea salt and various spices, before cooking it in the wood oven of the farm. The Black pig Porchetta Caronia born in this way, through quality processes, while respecting the tradition and the grown of the Black pig species that has always been living in these places.