Restaurant in Caronia


The restaurant in Caronia offers a wide selection of simple, tasty dishes, made with passion and ancient recipes of the Sicilian tradition handed down from father to son. The restaurant, housed in an ancient stone structure, counterpoint of the rural landscape that surrounds it, boasts of 120 seats in the winter and 200 in the summer, when is possible to use the outdoor garden and enjoy a good dinner surrounded by the peace of the hills of the Nebrodi park. Among the typical products that have a place of honour in the kitchen of the restaurant there is certainly the Black pork of Nebrodi, autochthonous species of the park, which can be tasted in the appetizers' offer such as ham, salami, roast pork cooked in the wood oven, the bacon. Among the typical dishes there are the homemade macaroni according to a recipe of the Sicilian tradition, and served with the Black pig meat sauce, a true delight for every palate. In the magnificent scenery of the national Nebrodi park will also be possible to taste provola cheese, ricotta cheese, fruits and vegetables in season, local honey, all produced at zero kilometres, that even if they are not produced by the farm Il Vecchio Carro are produced by neighbouring farms. The farmhouse distinguishes different menus, from the ceremonies menu to the House Menu, till the possibility to customize the offer to adapt to the taste of each one. Below a selection of delicious dishes that the restaurant offers its customers in the House Menu: 

  • Black pig ham
  • Black pig capocollo
  • Black pig salami
  • Candy of Nebrodi provola cheese
  • Aged cheese
  • Mixed grill of vegetables
  • Aubergines baked with Parmesan cheese
  • Tripe
  • Pig's livers
  • Maccheroni with Nebrodi black pig sauce
  • Porchetta (roasted pig) cooked in the wood oven
  • Rolls of meat
  • Tagliata (slices) of veal

The restaurant is open all over the year, from friday to sunday, both for lunch and dinner, included all the public holidays and the whole month of August. To have the lunch or the dinner at the farmhouse's restaurant in different dates is necessary to book.